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This help file is designed to support both the "Online Mode" and the "Attend Mode" of BMSiconnect.  While attending a BMSi seminar, you will utilize BMSiconnect in "Attend Mode". Afterwards, while online, you will access in "Online Mode". BMSiconnect is designed to let you review the User Guide that was used during the seminar(s) you attended.


The help instructions for both Modes are virtually identical. There are, however, two principal additions to the "Attend Mode" that are not available to those using BMSiconnect in "Online Mode".


1.During a seminar, while you're in "Attend Mode", you will be able to see the slides shown by the presenter on your BMSiconnect screen.
2.During a seminar, you have available a "Sync/Pause" switch, that lets you stay in sync with the presenter.


Any help instructions that are available only in "Attend Mode" will be highlighted with this alert sign:

attend logo